This number is at address ES: List of CPU speed sensitive games. This function is not supported for Soundblaster cards. DSDMA in old packaged was already from 3. Live is really awfull and to be noted that some people like Rayer, even say that Yamaha’s midi is bad.. Before selecting a new file you have to stop the current file.

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DSDMA in old packaged was already from 3. DOSSound will hook the interrupts when it is loaded for the first time and unhook the interrupts when it is terminated.

Google [Bot] and 2 guests. I found that the WinXP emulation does not work all that well and do not recommend using it. So the asynchronous mode is not as reliable as synchronous mode.

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So 1F1Fh will virtually mute the speakers. I used it for compatibility, disadvantage is that there no parameter for driver letter, so its loaded between harddisks and ic10. I never was big fan you synthetic midi music, well i was always good as background especially for very action games, but i never cared too much except very few songs.


Most DOS audio applications are based on the Soundblaster cards and their compatibles. This data has to be signed 16 bit stereo PCM data.

DOS ain’t dead

List of CPU speed sensitive games. This versions setupsa is freezing during start it EMS mode, 3. When installed as a TSR driver using calls to interrupt 64h any application program can request a wave file to be played, adjust the loudness etc.

I also had to uch10 the tppatch because even a PII is too fast. If an applications program specifies a wave file to be played, DOSSound will return and continue to play the file in the background while the application program can proceed.

So you have to press and hold the capital “V” to increase the volume und the lowercase “v” to reduce the volume. You first have to load the DOSSound. Live and often helping fidlle with Idh10.

There are two buffers of the specified size. Is there any 3. It is not covered by the enclosed licence and copyright and property of Ray M. You cannot load a new file while the previous file is still playing in the background. Its in 3Dfx folder. Main Core 2 machines advantage is still in much bigger sound cards choice possibilities. Wave file player application 5. Aureal V1 orchid one at home – its working, even as advertised in Realmode. Ransom for your convenience.


This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Lots of copy pasting and rewriting involved, because limiting possibilities of scripting and dos text editors. The application has to monitor the number of the buffer currently playing.

If this is the case it will use that and not check for AC’97 controllers. Second question is still what is all this about, what is best scenario for these changes?

DOS ain’t dead – DOS on intel P43+ICH10 test

DOSSound does not provide a Soundblaster compatible interface! The player is primarily intended as a test application for DOSSound and not to compete with other players. I did all my testing for now with 3.